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Stratum Plus. 2003-2004. №1

N. P. Olenkovskiy (Kherson, Ukraine)

Nizhnedniprovska (Lower Dnieper) Epigravettian Culture

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Pages: 307-333

Nizhnedniprovska Epigravettian culture covers the lower Dnieper basin. It was discovered by the author in late 80s. It is the utmost eastern display of the Epigravettian in Central Europe and the only revealed culture to the East of the Dnieper. Such sites as Dmitrivka, Lubimivka III, Solone ozero VI, Pidporizhniy II, Osocorivka I (layer Va), Vorona III (upper layer), Shevchenkivske are regarded by the author as belonging to the above mentioned culture.
Chronology of the culture is determined by means of radiocarbon dating, lithology-stratigraphic indexes, typologically expressive industry. Most probable age of the Nizhnedniprovska Epigravettian culture is 17,000-14,000 BP. The most hunted animals were bisons and horses.


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