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Geography of Journal Authors

Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

E. V. Maximov (Kiev, Ukraine)

On Contacts between the Central European Population and Zarubintsy Tribes on Middle Dnieper

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Pages: 53-65

The article deals with the materials of Central European cultures of the third century BC to the second century AD and, in particular, with the materials of Pomorsk, Jastorf and Przeworsk cultures which are found on the settlements and cemeteries of Zarubintsy culture in the Middle Dnieper area. These materials indicate an active influence of these cultures through trade and by direct presence of representatives of these Central European cultures in Zarubintsy cultural environment which can be interpreted as results of their numerous migrations to the territory of the Dnieper area and further eastward during the whole period of their existence. These migrations caused considerable changes in cultural and ethnic environment in the mentioned region and influenced the whole development of the historical process in Zarubintsy cultural area, as well as outside its limits, both in the period of its formation and in the periods to come. All these factors determined the flow of the historical process to a great extent.

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