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Stratum plus. 2010. №1

O. A. Druzhinina (Kaliningrad, Russia)

The Final Palaeolithic of South-Eastern Subbalticum: State of Research (with particular reference to materials from Kaliningrad oblast)

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Pages: 277-286

History of archaeological explorations in South-Eastern part of the Baltic region (Kaliningrad oblast of the Russian Federation, former East Prussia) began more than 160 years ago. Nevertheless, our knowledge of the Final Palaeolithic stage of the regional prehistory leaves much to be desired. The Final Palaeolithic materials from Kaliningrad oblast can be divided into two categories: first, occasional old (before 1941) finds of bone, antler, and flint objects, most of which have subsequently been lost, and second, assemblages of several surveyed sites. Most of the latter are located in the northeast part of the region, in the lower reaches of the Sheshupe river. The sites near Nikolskoye on the right bank of the river have been known since 1972–1974, and the sites of Ryadino on the left bank were discovered and surveyed in 2006–2009. The collection of Nikolskoye consists of some 1,500 aeruginous flints, including blades with irregular dorsal pattern, endscrapers, two fragments of tanged points. The collection of Ryadino is dominated by endscrapers. There are also conical and prismatic cores. As to the cultural affiliation of the sites, it remains unclear. Judging by the evidence from the neighboring countries (Lithuania and Poland), the region under consideration seems highly promising for future archaeological explorations.

Keywords: Southeastern Subbalticum, Final Palaeolithic, stone and bone inventories

Information about author: 

Olga Druzhinina (Kaliningrad, Russia). Candidate of Geography. Russian State University “I. Kant”.
E-mail: [email protected]

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