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E. V. Ovchinnikov (Kiev, Ukraine)

Research of the Trypillia Settlement Rusanovtsy in the Upper Southern Bug River in 2010—2012

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Pages: 19-34

In 2010—2012, excavations were carried out at the Trypillia settlement of Rusanovtsy 1, located in the upper reaches of the Upper Southern Bug River. The remains of three ground structures, which could have one and two chambers were studied. The living quarters were located at the level of the lower tier, as indicated by details of the interior — hearths and permanently installed pithos. Among the finds, ceramics with bichromic paintings predominate — a pattern made with dark brown paint, supplemented with white edging or small patterns. Products made from flint from local Bug or imported Volhynian raw materials were manufactured directly at the settlement. The settlement belongs to post-Zaleshchiki sites and dates to the beginning of stage BII.

Keywords: Cucuteni-Trypillia, Upper Southern Bug region, ground structure, painted ceramics, flint tools

Information about author:

Eduard Ovchinnikov
(Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Geroev Stalingrada Ave., 12, Kiev, 04210, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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