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Stratum plus. 2013. №5

S. V. Cera (Kishinev, Moldova)

Finno-Ugric Influence in Collection of Arrowheads from Fortified Settlements Alchedar and Ekimautsy

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Pages: 197-202

Excavations by G. B. Fedorov in 1950—1960 on circular fortified settlements of 9th—11th centuries — Alchedar and Ekimautsy (Republic of Moldova) — discovered about 480 of arrowheads. The author analyzed the collection of 279 arrowheads from the National Museum of History of Moldova. Comparison of identified types with types from classifications by A. F. Medvedev, G. A. Fedorov-Davydov and V. Jotov allowed tracing connections of Prut-Dniester region with other areas of Eastern Europe.
Many types of tips were spread in several regions. More than 61 % of arrowheads in the collection interfere with Slavic and Ancient Rus antiquities, more than 43 % with Finno-Ugric antiquities, including 10 % with Ancient Hungarians, about 31 % with Danube Bulgars, 18 % with Pechenegs’, Torkils’ and Cumans’ antiquities. But some of identified types from Alchedar-Ekimautsy can be considered as ethnic markers, since they were revealed only in regions populated by a single ethnical group.
In these circumstances, presence of arrowheads of types 42, 57, 65 and 97.1 according to A. F. Medvedev’s typology, which were spread almost exclusively in Finno-Ugric and, particular, in Hungarian antiquities, becomes very significant. This fact supports an earlier hypothesis about Hungarian presence in Prut-Dniester region in 9th—11th centuries.

Keywords: Prut-Dniester interfluve, Medieval Russia, Alchedar, Ekimautsy, Finno-Ugric world, Hungarians, Slavs, 9th—10th cc., arrowhead, cultural-diagnostic types

Information about author:

Semion Cera (Kishinev, Moldova). High Anthropological School University, Zimbrului St., 10a, Kishinev, MD-2024, Moldova
E-mail: [email protected]

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