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Stratum plus. 2014. No.5

V. Yu. Sobolev (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Unknown Excavations of S. A. Teplouhov on Izhora Plateau

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Pages: 287-295

The article focuses on archaeological excavations on Izhora Plateau carried out by S. A. Teplouhov — a scientific researcher at the Russian Museum, archaeologist and famous student of old sites in Minusinsk Basin, Tuva and Mongolia. He also excavated two medieval burial groups in the Leningrad Oblast in 1927—1928, but only one of his report (1928) on archaeological research in this region has been so far known. The unknown field report about his works in August 1927 near the village Dyatlitsy (now Lomonosov district of the Leningrad Oblast) was found in the archive of the Russian Museum of Ethnography. This document revealed new information about the time and history of settlements on Izhora Plateau and about details of the funerary rite spread among its medieval population.

Keywords: Novgorod Land, Izhora Plateau, 12th—13th cent., Old Russian Barrow Culture, funerary rite

Information about author:

Vladislav Sobolev
(Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Saint Petersburg State University. Universitetskaya Nab., 7/9, Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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