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Stratum plus. 2010. №4

T. A. Rudich (Kiev, Ukraine)

Chernyakhov Culture Population on the Territories betweеn the Danube and Dniester Rivers According to the Anthropological Data

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Pages: 223-231

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the anthropological structure of the Chernyakhov culture population in the Danube-Dniester region. Craniological series from Chernyakhov culture cemeteries are compared to European groups (3rd c. B. C.—5th c. A. D.). Inter-group analysis shows a mixed anthropological nature of Chernyakhov population and their genetic links: Western (Masłomęcz group of Wielbark culture; La Tène Central European groups); North-Western (Baltic groups of II—V cc., Gothic series, Wielbark culture of North Poland); Southern (late Scythians, some Ancient Greek cemeteries, Thracian Groups). Mesocranious type of Western Ukrainian females will be a characteristic of East Slavs of Kyiv Rus’.

Keywords: anthropology, Chernyakhov culture, craniological series, Danube-Dniester region

Information about author:

Tatiana Rudich (Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Archaeology Institute of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]

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