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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

S. V. Beletskii (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Once Again about the Bottom Layer on Pskov Settlement

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Pages: 209-214

The stratigraphy and chronology of cultural layer on Pskov settlement has not infrequently become subject of debates. In his paper of 1980, the author proposed a scheme for cultural stratigraphy of the bottom layer, identifying four disconnected periods in the life of the cemetery: Pskov-А (settlement of stone cemeteries culture bearers), Pskov-Б (settlement of long barrows culture bearers), Pskov-В (settlement of Rőuge culture) and Pskov-Г (early urban structure with apparent Varangian presence). This scheme was proved by further excavations, though till present the literature is dominated by the idea of successive connection between the settlements of periods Pskov Б and В. The article is a publication of excavations results obtained in 1983 and 1991-1992 and is dedicated to correlation of the earliest periods in existence of Pskov settlement. The results of these excavations introduced some corrections into the scheme of cultural stratigraphy of the site proposed in 1980. Meanwhile, the conclusion on absence of succession between the earliest periods in history of the site received additional evidence: it becomes obvious now, that there is no succession between the periods Pskov-A, Pskov-Б and Pskov-В, but, moreover, there were also chronological intervals, during which the area of the settlement was not inhabited.

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