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Stratum plus. 1999. № 4

Gudkova A.V. (Odessa, Ukraine)

The I-IV centuries A. D. in the Northwest Pontic region: the culture of sedentary population

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Pages: 235-404

The monograph is dedicated to the studying of various ethnic and various cultural sedentary population that dwelled in the steppes of the Northern-Western Black Sea region in the course of the first half of the I millennium A. D. There are distinguished three stage groups: late Scythians, Venedae (Etulia type) in the lower reaches of  Danube and bearers of the Chernyakhov culture. The research is mostly devoted to the problems of ethnical and cultural genesis. Accordingly, for each group of the population there are considered three categories of records: habitation, ceramics and the burial rite. In the concluding part through the comparison of the results of the archaeological research with the data of the written records there is suggested a reconstruction of the historical processes in the region. A considerable part of the archaeological material that is being considered is the result of field researches of the author. Materials of other researchers are often interpreted in a new way.

Information about author:

Gudkova Alexandra (Odessa, Ukraine). Doctor of historical sciences. Institute of archaeologe NAS of Ukraine, archaeology department of Northen-Western Black Sea region 

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