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Stratum plus. 1999. № 2

Kirtcho L. D., Popov S. G. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

To the problem of radiocarbon chronology of early civilization of Central Asia

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Pages: 350-361

This paper is the first publication in Russian of all radiocarbon analyses results from Central Asia Bronze Age early civilization monuments (tab. 1). It show that there are a lot of problems, depends on the different system of calibration, sometimes not corrected cultural and geological position of specimens or even mistakes in publications. The special investigation of the largest series of 14C dates from Altyn-depe, which was done by S. Popov in IIMK radiocarbon Laboratory, show, that the radiocarbon chronology of this site sequence is close to the traditional chronology system. The problem of early dates from Middle and Late Bronze Age civilizations of ancient Margiana and Bactria and the radiocarbon chronology of Central Asia Bronze age in general is the future large work for archaeologists and specialists of radiocarbon laboratories.


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