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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 1

N. A. Chetraru (Kishinev, Moldova), G. V. Grigorieva (St.Petersburg, Russia), S. I. Covalenco (Kishinev, Moldova)

Flint Industry of the Late Palaeolithic Site Rashkov VII

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Pages: 272-314

Rich and genuine flint tools found at the Late Palaeolithic site Rashkov VII (Middle Dniester region, Moldova) provide the basis for distinguishing an individual archaeological culture. As many as forty eight thousand findings collected during several years of excavations, including almost 3,500 tools, enable one to fully characterise its technical and morphological peculiarity. One should pay attention to presence of fan-shaped scrapers, thick nosed scrapers, carinate and core-shaped scrapers, burins on retouched truncation with an arc edge, points of Rashkov, Climauti and Sagaidac-Muralovo types, microlite of “square” type, blades with round Aurignacian retouch. Mainly, these types of tools appear on sites of Aurignacian-like technological complex, spread in the south of Eastern Europe during Ostashkovo glaciation.

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