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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Kulakov S. A. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The technology of splitting of stone on the location of Bogos (North-Eastern region of The Black Sea)

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Pages: 149-159

The Palaeolithic workshop Bogos, consisting of 10 small locations, is discovered in hilly foothills of Caucasis, on the Black Sea coast in the region of Grand Sochi. The major part of flint finds (2,364 copies ) is gathered on the surface and in the deposits of loams on the edges of gullies, cutting a 35-40 meter-terrace of the river Psou. A part of the collection was selected in shingle beds of the same terraces what gives the chance of determining their age within the framework of Riss interglacial, probably, closer to its end ( 115-70 thousand years ago). The technological analysis of the industry reveals the primary usage of unifacial core with a parallel chopping. Levallois cores and discoid nucleuses are presented in a lesser degree. Taking into consideration a great number of pre-cores, technological flakes and other characteristic features of palaeotechnics, it is possible to make the conclusion of a specialized character of Bogos as a production base, providing the whole region of Sochi-Gagra with flint blanks. Proceeding from the tool set of the collection, it is fair enough to attribute the Middle Palaeolithic industry of Bogos to the number of monuments of the Tayac denticulated way of development. This is defined by the presence of articles of massive and high form, sidescrapers and denticulate and notched tools. To this group of monuments the most part of the middle-palaeolithic sites of the North-Western Caucases is referred.

Information about author:

Kulakov Sergey (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of historical sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences 

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