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Stratum plus. 2012. №1

A. V. Glavenchuk (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Use of Pigment Ochre at the Late Palaeolithic Site of Anetovka II

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Pages: 293-300

The excavations of Anetovka II (18—19 kya BP), situated in the steppe part of the Southern Buh river basin in Ukraine, gave rich evidence of intensive use of pigment ochre. There were found areas of colored earth, adornments and other articles made of ochre mineral, ochre “crayons”, bison skulls and shoulder-blades painted with ochre, as well as ochre-stained hammers and anvils.

Keywords: ochre, ritual complex, Late Palaeolithic, North-West Black Sea region, Anetovka II

Information about author:

Аlla Glavenchuk (Odessa, Ukraine). Odessa National University “I. I. Mechnikov”
E-mail: [email protected]

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