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Stratum plus. 1999. № 2

Gavrilov A. V., Toschev G. H. (Simferopol, Zaporojie, Ukraine)

A burial mound near the village of Jeliabovka in the Crimea

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Pages: 160-166

The article is devoted to the description of the results gotten in the process of archaeological research of the burial mound near the village of Jeliabovka in the Crimea. The main part of the burial mound was destroyed by agricultural activities. During the excavations there were found out and studied 14 burials: 5 — of Jamnaja Culture; 4 — of Srubnaja Culture; 4 — of Scythian Culture and 1 — of the Late Bronze Age — the beginning of the Early Iron Age. The burials of the Yamnaya Culture with which the mound is linked, are the main and central subjects of the mound. The rest of the burials were introduced in this artificial mound.


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