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Stratum plus. 2011. №5

M. Parczewski (Rzeszów, Poland)

Scandinavian Artefact from Principality Centre in Halych, Ukraine

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Pages: 175-182

In the 12th century, Halych (today the remains of the fortified centre in the Krylos village) was the capital of a principality in SW Rus’. In 1938—1941, among other finds of high importance, an item was unearthed that is today identified as being of Scandinavian origin. The so-called strap distributor cast of bronze was produced in Gotland in 12th c. It was a fragment of a rich man's belt. Its owner in Halych undoubtedly belonged to the elite associated with the prince’s court.

Keywords: early mediaeval Rus’, Halych-Krylos in 12th c., strap distributor, Gotland

Information about author:

Michał Parczewski (Rzeszów, Poland). Professor, doctor habilitat. University of Rzeszów, Institute of Archaeology.
E-mail: [email protected]

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