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Stratum plus. 2013. №3

R. V. Tikhonov (Yelets, Russia)

On the Hellenization of Bactria’s Pottery Craft

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Pages: 321-329

This article addresses the issue of Hellenization of Bactria's pottery crafts. Archaeological studies indicate that the Greeks had a rather strong impact on the development of Bactrian pottery craft s in Hellenistic period. However, pottery was hellenized not to the same extent. It was promoted by policy of Seleucid and later Greco-Bactrian rulers who paid attention to creating Greek type cities and controling strategic points. The study identifies four areas of Hellenization of pottery craft in Bactria. Each of them is characterized by a set of Greek traditions (kiln with a furnace support column, Greek types of ceramics, ring-shaped or disciform pan, stamped ornament, graffiti, black engobe).

Keywords: Bactria, Hellenism, pottery crafts, Greek traditions, zones of Hellenization

Information about author:

Roman Tikhonov (Yelets, Russia). Yelets State University by I. A. Bunin, Kommunarov St., 28, Yelets, 399770, Russia
E-mail: [email protected]

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