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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 1

N. K. Anisiutkin (St.-Petersburg, Russia), I. A. Borziak (Kishinev, Moldova)

Palaeolithic Site at Yarovo on the Middle Dniester

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Pages: 315-318

The site situated upon the eroded surface of pebbles on the 4th terrace of the right shore of the Dniester river at Yarovo village (Soroka judet, Moldova). Later its sediments were covered by fossil soil, which allows dating it within the interval from the early Würm (Amersfort Interstage) to the second half of Riss time. Flint complex at Yarovo (233 items, including 82 tools) belongs to archaic industries. Massive index is over 30, also high is the «Clacton» indicator, whilst blades are rare and atypical. There is a considerable number of debordant flakes. The set of tools corresponds to the industries of Duruitor and Bobulesti 5, which is connected with the big number of massive scrapers on striking platforms, use of «contrary» retouch, rare in Mousterian, presence of chopper-like forms and the Duruitor point. Typical are truncated backed knives, specific for the industry from Buzdujani I grotto. 

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