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Stratum plus. 2011. №5

A. V. Kurbatov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Alien” Leather Objects from Medieval Rus’: Circulation of People and Goods

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Pages: 183-200

In archaeological assemblages at Russian towns, one finds single leather objects, the material of which is visually distinguishable from the bulk of artefacts. “Foreign-cultural” objects may be divided into the following groups: 1) those the making of which was primarily defined by individual physical traits of the consumer (footwear); 2) articles which could be used by any individual (sheathes of knives, daggers and swords, purses, bags); 3) objects which originally were intended as trading goods (leather). Today, we are able to recognize three groups of “foreign” artefacts: western and eastern leather objects in Russian towns and Russian articles abroad.

Keywords: Mediaeval Rus, leather objects, circulation of goods, circulation of people

Information about author:

Alexandr Kurbatov (St. Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of historical sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]

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