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Stratum plus. 2021. No2

A. V. Kolesnik, N. V. Manko (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Vasilyevskaya Pustosh’ — the Specialized Settlement-workshop of the Chalcolithic in the North-Western Donbass

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Pages: 137-168

The article addresses the problem of flint production in the Donbass during the Chalcolithic and contains the publication of materials from the Vasilyevskaya Pustosh’ site. The peculiarities of the geological history of the Donbass have determined the abundance of geological sources of Upper Cretaceous flint here. In the Chalcolithic, the Donbass evolved as a large European center for the extraction and processing of flint raw materials. At the Vasilyevskaya Pustosh’ site, various tools with double-sided processing were produced — arrowheads, adzes, axes. At the site (point 3), a significant number of bifacial tools of settlements types were noted — end-scrapers, points, blades with retouch, etc. The site may belong to the type of settlements specialized in the production of flint implements. Such specialized settlements are known in the Tripolye culture and as well as in the Chalcolithic of Bulgaria.

Keywords: Donbass, Chalcolithic, settlement-workshop, flint production, bifaces

Information about authors:

Alexander Kolesnik
(Donetsk, Ukraine). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Donetsk National University. Universitetskaya St., 24, Donetsk, 83001, Ukraine; “Don Heritage” Institution. Nizhnebulvarnaya St., 29, Rostov-on-Don, 344022, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]
Nikita Manko (Donetsk, Ukraine). Donetsk National University. Universitetskaya St., 24, Donetsk, 83001, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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