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Stratum plus. 2013. №5

N. A. Plavinski (Minsk, Belarus)

On the Issue of Burial Rites in the Western Dvina-Viliya Interfluve in the Third Quarter of the 1st Millennium AD

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Pages: 63-72

There are very few burial sites of the third quarter of the 1st millennium AD known in the Western Dvina-Viliya interfluve. However, new discoveries and re-analysis of the previously obtained materials allow to present a new view of the issue.
Burial monuments of Bantsaraushchyna culture are represented only by three flat burials from Raviachka unfortified settlement. At the same time, the presence of barrow mounds in the area under discussion (Pagoshcha, barrow 9; Ratski Bor, barrow 6; Navasiolki, barrow 14/26 and 23/35) makes it possible to refer them to Pskov Long Barrow culture.
The pottery found in burials of Bantsaraushchyna culture and in burials of Pskov Long Barrow culture is very likely to belong to antiquities of the same cultural tradition. Therefore, it might be assumed that the population of Bantsaraushchyna culture settlements in the Western Dvina-Viliya interfluve could use not only flat burials, but also barrow ones.

Keywords: Belarus, Western Dvina-Viliya interfluve, burial monuments, Bantsaraushchyna culture, Pskov Long Barrow culture

Information about author:

Plavinski Mikalai (Minsk, Belarus). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, Nezalezhnastsi Avenue, 99, Minsk, 220088, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]

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