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S. S. Ryabtseva (Kishinev, Moldova)

On the Features of the Morphology and Decor of the “Volhynian Type Earrings” with Embossed Pendants

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Pages: 435-444

The “Volhynian type earrings” are typical for the full jewelry dress of the population of Eastern Europe in the 10th — the beginning of the 11th century. We put the attention for the decorations with a hollow pendant, welded from two halves, which we selected in type “A” of “Volhynian earrings”. Their production on the territory of Old Rus’ is confirmed by finds of dies from the burial of a jeweler in the Peresopnytsky cemetery in Volhynian and at the Gnezdovo settlement in the upper reaches of the Dnieper River. Outside Eastern Europe, such decorations are known from the territory of Poland, Hungary and Sweden.
The studied items vary by overall dimensions, design of the rings and suspension. The rings are especially different in size and set the decorating parameters, whereas the suspension, for all its morphological differences, does not differ much in length. There are two variants for rings. The first is a smooth ring. The second one is a smooth ring, unchained in the lower part; one more element is attached to it, creating the effect of “lunula”. Rings with lunula are very characteristic for this type of jewelry. Variants with simple rings are less common, but they bring these products closer to other varieties of “Volhynian earrings”. Pendants are significantly different in proportion (there are more elongated, there are broad, squat) and decor characteristics. Judging by the sufficient variability of the pendants, there were quite a few masters with dies and skills for making these complex elitist ornaments.

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Old Rus, jewelry decoration, Volhynian type earrings, embossing, granules

Information about author:

Svetlana Ryabtseva
(Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor of History. Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Stefan cel Mare Bd., 1, Kishinev, MD-2000, Moldova
E-mail: [email protected]

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