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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №3

I. V. Sapozhnikov (Odessa, Ukraine)

Feature Articles on the Research History of Olvia and Berezan Before the Beginning of the XIXth Century AD

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Pages: 452-461

The article offers data on existence of special “Pre-Russian” period in the research history of the antique and other archeological sites found north to the Black Sea coast. A special attention is granted to Olvia, repeatedly noted on the historical and geographic maps of «Ptolemy’s tradition» from the beginning of the XVI c.
The author published feature articles on the classic geography of the region by the Ambassador of France to the Crimean Khanate marquis de Peissonnele from his book «Observations historiques et geographiques, sur les peuples barbares qui out habiteles bords du Danube & du Pount-Euxin…”, published in Paris in 1765, as well as other written and map-making sources, dated by XVI-XVIII cc.


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