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Stratum plus. 2010. №1

N. P. Olenkovsky (Kherson, Ukraine)

The Role of V. N. Stanko and His Students in Excavations of the Late Palaeolithic Sites of Southern Ukraine

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Pages: 237-244

Professor Vladimir Stanko’s whole life is connected with Southern Ukraine. He pursued all his researches in the northern Black Sea steppe, on Late Palaeolithic sites. Excavations were carried out on sites of Belolesye, Sagaydak I, Anetovka I, Anetovka II, Anetovka XIII, Anetovka XXII. Ten Late Palaeolithic sites were studied by independent excavations of V. Stanko’s students. S. Smolyaninova studied such sites as Ivashkovo VI, Leski, Sredinniy Gorb. Leontivka, Novovladimirovka II, Dmitrivka, Voznesenka IV, Solone ozero Ia, Solone ozero VI, Solone ozero IX sites were excavated by N. Olenkovsky. By 2009, 37 late Paleolithic sites in Southern Ukraine have been studied through comprehensive excavations. Almost half of them have been studied by professor V. Stanko and his students. The majority of the published monographic research on Late Palaeolithic of Southern Ukraine also belong to V. Stanko (3) and his students — S. Smolyaninova (2) and N. Olenkovsky (5).

Keywords: Stanko, Late Palaeolithic, excavations, Northern Black Sea area

Information about author

Nikolai Olenkovsky (Kherson, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Saving Archaeological Service of the Institute of Archaeology, Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
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