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Stratum plus. 2010. №2

E. V. Izbitser (New York, USA)

The Chariot with the Brake, or Reconstructions off the Handle

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Pages: 187-194

Excavated in 1976, the remains of a wagon from a catacomb grave of the Tyagunova Mogila kurgan have been reconstructed as a war chariot having a brake on its side. Several decades later, S. Zh. Pustovalov, the author of the reconstructions, continues to defend his view on the ancient vehicle from the steppes as being a war chariot and sees other instances of findings of the chariots in the catacomb graves of the 3rd millennium BC. However, the remains preserved in the Tyagunova Mogila grave were too insufficient to be a basis for the reconstruction of any vehicle, and the parallels intended to support the author’s view turned out to be the misinterpreted images.

Keywords: Tyagunova Mogila, wheeled vehicles, chariot reconstructions, 3rd millennia BC, Sintashta

Information about author

Elena Izbitser (New York, USA). Candidate of Historical Sciences.
Е-mail:[email protected]

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