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Stratum plus. 1999. № 5

M. A. Stegantsev (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Linkages between coming in and going out of mass archaeological material. Examples of their use

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Pages: 179-207

This article is dedicated to building a mathematical model integrating the events of coming in and going out of material objects of same type. A quantitative connection between the consecutive sediments of material rests and articles still in use in the respective period of time is established on basis of the so called ratio of archeaologisation: share of broken and lost articles compared to their total number. The article provides theoretical grounds for calculation of archeaologisation ratio. The procedure of such calculation of the archealogisation ratio is shown for glass bracelets, asbestos weights and Southern amphorae found at the Nerev side of Velikij Novgorod. The proposed model allows, though with rather general assumptions, to build analytical (“idealistic”) graphs of material rests sediments. These graphs can serve a powerful tool for secondary processing of the archaeological findings. The article pays much attention to specific procedures of such processing. Methodology of preparation of the source data is minutely analysed; demographic estimates are made on basis of graphs showing sediments of glass bracelets; some palaeo-economic reconstruction is done on basis of  amphorae vessels found in the settlement “Ŕ” of Troitsky site. The graphs of asbestos weights sediments suggest a conclusion on their use as a means of services to the mass daily trade operations.



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