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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №1

V. I. Usik (Kiev, Ukraine)

Levallois Industries Method in Middle and Early Upper Palaeolithic. Aspects of Technology and Development (on West Ukrainian Evidence)

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Pages: 103-122

The proposed study of Western Ukrainian Palaeolithic sites (Korolevo – Transcarpathians, Molodova V – Carpathians, Kulychivka – Volyn’) mainly concerns the industries with the so-called “classical” Levallois in primary splitting, whose materials have been either repaired or technologically analysed, or which have genetically similar technical-typological structures and thus can be subject of the available technological solutions. The studies inferred that the stadial evolution of Levallois in western Ukraine pursued, on the one hand, a simpler technological preparation, and, on the other hand, a change in standards. The Levallois points of lamellar proportions remove a smaller volume of surface and allow increasing the repetion factor of this final product on a voluminous nucleus several times.


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