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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Anisjutkin N. K. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The results of studying of the middle Palaeolithic of Dniester area and Northern Moldova

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Pages: 132-148

In the South–West of the Eastern–European plain there are represented numerous and various monuments of the Middle Palaeolithic, including those of many layers. Their research continued for half a century allowed to set and partially resolve many problems of chronology, the variability of Moustiers, evolution of stone industrie and ecology of the Palaeolithic man. The most important questions of chronology can be considered on the basis of through geological searches on the sites, connected with, late – pleistocene loes – soil formations of many meters. It is this fact that gives the possibility to make a more through correlation with the European stratotypes. The studying of the specific character of stone industries of the region presupposes the presence of two contrastive variants of development. The variant, named the Stinkovsky culture represents a phenomenon, where the archaic technology of the primary knapping combines with a relative abundance of Upper Palaeolithic forms and the presence of leaf-like points-bifaces.

Information about author:

Anisjutkin Nikolai (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Doctor of historical sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences
E-mail: [email protected]

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