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Stratum plus. 2015. No 3

R. Dan (Rome, Italy)

Between Urmia Lake and the Caspian Sea: the Eastern Expansion of Urartu

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Pages: 33-43

The article represents a review of current studies of the eastern limits of Urartu, which were reached in its heyday. Epigraphic and archaeological records related to Urartians in Eastern Azerbaijan, to the east from Urmia lake, near modern cities like Ahar, Tabriz, Sarab, Gilan province are also presented in the paper. For many years, isolated objects of luxury led researchers to the conclusion that Urartu seriously expanded to the east. Although researches show that the presence of Urartu on the east was quite limited chronologically, despite the fact these regions were primarily in the zone of military activity.

Keywords: Urartu, Iranian Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea, Urmia Lake, Expansion, Sarduri II, Argišti II.

Information about author:

Roberto Dan
(Rome, Italy). PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology. The Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East (ISMEO). Via Santa Maria in Gradi, 4, Viterbo, 01100, Italy
E-mail: [email protected]

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