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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №3

I. V. Bruyako (Odessa, Ukraine)

From Scythia to Sarmatia: Ten Years Later

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Pages: 329-370

The author elucidates some events of the Hellenistic time on the northwestern Black Sea coast. Attention is given to the issue of transformation of the steppe (“classical”) Scythian culture in antiquity into the late Scythian culture, 3rd c. BC – 3rd c. AD. This process took place on the background of bright and dynamic events of political history that involved many peoples (Celts, Bastarns, Thracians, Sarmatians, Hellenes) and some historical personalities. The collapse of the “Great Scythia” on turn of 4-3 cc. BC led to formation of several regional zones of Scythian culture (Crimea, Dobrudja, Lower Dnieper and Lower Dniester). Presumably, emergence of these areas and their further history were interconnected during the whole Hellenistic epoch (3-1 cc. BC).


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