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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №1

E. M. Kolpakov (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Upper Acheulean site of Dashtadem 3 in Armenia

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Pages: 196-224

Dashtadem 3, discovered in 2004, is the only undisturbed open air Acheulean site known on the Caucasus. The site is located 25 km north-west from the town of Stepanavan, 6 km west from the village Dashtadem (Ilmazlu), on the rock promontory of the left bank of the stream Gyulunbulak, 20 m above its bed (1902 m asl). In 2004-06, the area of 5x6 m2 was excavated to the depth of 1 m. The sediments are represented by loam soil which rests on the rock of porphyritic andesite. The rock lies at 0 to 1 m beneath modern surface. The artifacts were not redeposited, but rather partly displaced in the course of soil formation and erosion of the andesite rock. Organic remains are not preserved. The excavated area yielded 1924 Late Acheulean artifacts from hyalo-dacite. There were found 78 cores and 201 tools, including 47 handaxes, 8 Levallois points, 17 scrapers, 13 end-scrapers, 41 backed knifes, 51 beak-like pieces, and 8 notched pieces.


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