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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

S. I. Liman, S. B. Sorochan (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Byzantium in Works of Scholars from Ukrainian Lands of the Russian Empire in 1804-1874

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Pages: 485-508

The article dwells on the period of formation and strengthening of scientific Byzantine studies in Ukrainian lands of the Russian Empire (1804-1874) – from foundation of Kharkiv University till transfer of the prominent domestic Byzantinist F.I.Uspenskiy to the Odessa University. Studies of Ukrainian scholars embraced all periods of existence of Byzantium. The most valuable contribution to research in Byzantine history was made by N.Murzakevych (Byzantine and Genovese policy in Crimea), A.P.Zernin (deeds of Emperors Basil the Macedonian, Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Patriarch Photias), N.A.Lavrovskiy (study of Russian-Byzantine treaties), V.S.Ikonnikov (problems of cultural, confessional, legal and political influence of Byzantium on Rus’), P.Uspenskiy (history of Athos monasteries). Three large groups of problems were mostly treated: country studies on history of Ukrainian territories that had been part of Byzantium; works on history of Byzantine-Slavic relations; works devoted to history of Byzantine internal policy and church.


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