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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Krasnokutski G. E. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Bison Butchering in the Late Palaeolithic of the Northern Black Sea Littoral (Technological Perspective)

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Pages: 312-321

The paper suggests some reconstruction and explanation concerning bison carcasses butchering at the Late Palaeolithic sites of the Northern Black Sea littoral. To resolve the issues of reconstruction and explanation, the author provides the study of quantitative and spatial distribution of flint artifacts and, first of all, osteological finds at the most well-known sites in the region: Amvrosiyevka, Kamennaya Balka 2, and Anetovka 2, the latter basically. Bone frequency and spatial distribution are verified through comparing them with each other as well as with relevant ethnographic and Paleoindians’ data, which sheds additional light upon information hidden in the sites’ materials. As a result, the author reconstructs butchering process at Anetovka 2 site in detail and builds a model of bison carcasses preliminary butchering (technological perspective) at the steppe sites of the region. According to the model, butchering is expanded in time and space and consisted of several stages and steps, which to some extent fits in with ethnographic practice and butchering patterns of Paleoindians. The model can serve as a framework in further investigation of specific bison butchering cases.


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