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Stratum plus. 2019. No4

I. V. Tunkina (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

“The Selfless Worker of Science” (B. V. Farmakovskiy. The unpublished obituary for Academician V. V. Latyshev)

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Pages: 371-387

This is the first publication of the obituary for the outstanding classical philologist, epigraphist and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vasiliy Vasilievich Latyshev (1855—1921), written in January 1926 by his younger colleague, archaeologist and historian of ancient art, corresponding member Boris Vladimirovich Farmakovskiy (1870—1928). The obituary was intended for publication in the “Izvestia AN SSSR” but failed to be published, so it is offered for scientific discussion only now. B. V. Farmakovskiy characterizes V. V. Latyshev’s fundamental contribution in classical philology, archaeology and epigraphy — he edited Greek, Latin and Byzantine inscriptions from the Northern Black Sea region, a collection of ancient accounts on Scythia and Caucasus, and also a number of books and articles on the history and geography of the Northern coast of the Black Sea. The obituary describes not only V. V. Latyshev’s pedagogical activities, but also his outstanding scientific organizational activity in the Russian Archaeological Society, the Archaeological Commission, the Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of the History of Material Culture.

Keywords: B. V. Farmakovskiy, V. V. Latyshev, obituary, classical studies, Northern Black Sea region, educational, scientific and organizational activities

Information about author:

Irina Tunkina
(Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Saint Petersburg Branch of Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Universitetskaya Emb., 1, Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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