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Stratum plus. 2015. No 3

V. A. Papanova (Berdyansk, Ukraine), S. N. Lyashko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Olbian Chora’s Suburban Homesteads of the 5th—4th Centuries BC

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Pages: 223-249

At the beginning of this century, two personal homesteads of οἴκος and χωρίον type were excavated and examined to the south of Olbia: Shyroka Balka 6 and Shyroka Balka 7. Prior to their discovery, there were known only two homesteads, situated to the south of the fort — Shyroka Balka 1 and Shyroka Balka 5. Both homesteads are characterized by two periods of existence: 1) semi-dugout houses period and 2) period associated with the construction of ground-based premises on stone pedestals with adobe and stone and adobe walls. When constructing ground-based premises on homesteads, the same construction techniques were used. There were discovered semi-dugouts and ground-based premises of rare design. The sites yielded numerous materials, allowing to define the period of homesteads’ functioning and get an idea about occupations and outlook of their inhabitants. The existence of personal homestead Shyroka Balka 6 refers to the second third of the 5th century — the beginning of the 3rd century BC, and chorion Shyroka Balka 7 refers to the end of the 5th century — 30s years of the 4th century BC.

Keywords: Olbia, chora, estate, semi-dugouts premises, ground-based premises, masonry, ceramics, coins.

Information about authors:

Valentina Papanova
(Berdyansk, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. Shmidt St., 4, Berdyansk, 71110, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]
Svetlana Lyashko (Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Biographical Research Institute of the National Library of Ukraine named after V. I.Vernadsky. 40 Let Oktyabrya Ave., 3, Kiev, 03039, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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