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I. V. Bruyako

Early Nomads in Europe (10-5th cc. BC)

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Early Nomads in Europe (10-5th cc. BC)

Pages: 358

The book is dedicated to the study of the early stage of nomadic societies in Eurasia. The actual birth of nomadic civilization on the turn of Bronze and Iron Ages and its “Great March” to the west in early 1st millennium BC are considered on the wide historical and geographical background. The panorama of events discussed in this monograph develops on the territory from Central Asia in the East to Central Europe in the West. The main attention in the book is focused on reconstruction of some separate stages in consecutive settlement (military migration) of early nomads, known to ancient historical writers as “Cymmerians” and “Scythians”. Many peoples and civilizations of antiquity, other than the main actors, also played their role in this historical drama.

Responsible editor, academician,
V. M. Masson

Russian Academy of Sciences member-correspondent A. I. Ivanchik
Doctor of history N. A. Gavrilyuk

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Year - 2005
Pages— 358
Format — 205×285 mm
ISBN 978-9975-9904-1-7

series «Archaeological records of Eastern Europe» — ISBN 978-9975-4272-6-5