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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №4

I. V. Sapozhnikov, E. V. Polevshchikova (Odessa, Ukraine)

Charles de Peyssonnel and His Contribution to Studies of Ancient and Medieval Geography of North-Western Black Sea Region

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Pages: 464-475

The authors publish two excerpts from a book by a French archaeologist and traveler Charles de Peyssonnel (1727-1790), “Historical and Geographic Observations on Barbarian Peoples, Who Inhabited the Banks of the Danube and the Euxine”. The author of the two excerpts attempted to locate the ancient settlements mentioned by some ancient writers (Olbia, Assiak and Odessos), as well as the island of St. Aetherius and some other geographic objects. The authors supported the excerpts by some comments and analyzed contribution made by the French researcher to the studies of the ancient geography of the Northern Black Sea region.

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