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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №4

Yu. Yu. Shevchenko (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Materials of A.A. Popko’s Research on Settlements of the First Half of the 1st Millennium A.D. in the Lower Course of the Desna River

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Pages: 500-516

The article draws attention of the researchers to A.A. Popko’s scientific heritage. E.A. Goryunov in his well-known monograph «The Early Stages of the History of Slavs on the Left Bank of the Dnieper River» (Leningrad, 1981) bases the list of sites in the Desna basin and, in some cases, the analysis of pottery on materials published by A.A. Popko and the latter’s observations on ceramics found on sites in Chernigov (along the Desna river). However, many materials of A.A. Popko’s research conducted in 1940-60s need to be considerably revised today. This article is an attempt to give a scientific evaluation to the materials and the results of A.A. Popko’s research.

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