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Stratum plus. 2010. №3

О. К. Savelyev (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ranged Weapons from the “Odd Complexes”

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Pages: 175-186

Ranged weapons — heads of spears, darts and arrows, as well as handles have been considered in the article, originating from the monuments, which had been named “Odd Complexes”. An attempt has been made of typology of this kind of off ensive weapons, numerous analogies drawn. Compared to the previous period of III BC, sharp decrease in these kinds of weapons has been established. At the same time the rather dense concentration of spearheads and darts’ heads in the “Odd Complexes”. The analysis made has shown that there was no typological uniformity in the weapons studied and in the other objects (helmets, horse harness) also originating from the “Odd Complexes”. Here the Scythian, Meotic and Celtic features are traced.

Keywords: “Odd Complexes”, Spears, Darts, Arrows, Handles

Information about author 

Oleg Savelyev (Odessa, Ukraine). Junior research fellow. Archaeology Institute of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
Е-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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