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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №4

A. S. Ostroverkhov (Il’yichevsk, Ukraine)

Academician M.A. Bezborodov: Founder of Our Glass History Science (towards 110th Anniversary since his birth)

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Pages: 476-489

The article studies benchmarks in the life of an outstanding scientist, theoretician and practitioner of glass production, academician M.A. Bezborodov. The author analyses his contribution to the study of history of the ancient and medieval glass-making, comparing his works with his predecessors’ and followers’. The article gives a critical analysis of his major studies in the field – his own monographs on glass-making in the Ancient Rus’ (Minsk, 1956), on chemistry and technology of ancient and medieval glass (Minsk, 1969), books written with co-authors: with A.A. Abdurazakov on medieval glass in Middle Asia (Tashkent, 1966); with  A.A. Abdurazakov and Yu.A. Zadneprovski on medieval glass of Middle Asia (Tashkent, 1964), as well as numerous articles.

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