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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №4

A. S. Ostroverkhov (Il’yichevsk, Ukraine)

Glass Perfumery Spatulas from Ancient Towns on the Northern Black Sea Coast (an experience of complex study)

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Pages: 410-427

The article offers a complex description of “perfumery spatulas” from Odessa Archaeological Museum and Hermitage. Spatula is a relatively rare and understudied category of glass items of Roman time. On Northern Black Sea coast, these artifacts are most often found in female and adolescent priestly burials, and in fact serve as markers for them. There are some exceptional specimens of these in the North Black Sea collection. Based on analysis of composition of glass (Table 1), the author infers that “spatulas” were manufactured in different parts of the ancient world. It is not excluded that they were produced from some imported semi-products in a number of towns on the Northern Black Sea coast (Panticapaeum, Chersonese, Olbia, Tyra, etc.).

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