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Stratum plus. 2019. No6

N. I. Nikolaev (Nikolaev, Ukraine)

Neapolis Scythica in the Light of Olbian Prosopography

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Pages: 63-82

According to the consolidated chronological and prosopographic basis of the history of Olbia (synchronized catalogue of eponyms), a group of dedications by the Olbiopolites Posideos Posideou and Eumen Syriskou was set in Neapolis in the first quarter of the 2nd century BC. This corresponds to the time of the founding of Neapolis in modern science and the dominance of Olbian material culture during this period. The critical analysis of the research of predecessors and colleagues showed that the traditional paleographic dating of Posideos’s dedications by Skilur’s time is dominated by some subjective approaches. Moreover, the traditional dating is built on an outdated (and/or erroneous) stem of the Dionysian genus. In general, with the exception of A. S. Rusyayeva’s hypothesis, the interpretation of the Neapolis dedications is dominated by the a priori accepted Posideos’s collaboration with Skilur, while there is no real evidence to support this fact.

Keywords: Olbia, Neapolis Scythica, 2nd century BC, chronology, prosopography, epigraphic sources, paleography, ceramic stamping

Information about author:

Mykola Nikolaev
(Nikolaev, Ukraine). Doctor of Historical Sciences
E-mail: [email protected]

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