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Stratum plus. 2010. №3

D. V. Karavayko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Funeral Rite of Yukhnov Culture

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Pages: 237-260

This contribution is a follow up to the article published in one of the recent volumes of Stratum plus. The article was dedicated to results of a research on Early Iron Age fortified settlement left by Kiselevka II (Yukhnov Culture) population. Excavations of 2008 on the site unearthed some burials of Yukhnov Culture. These materials, as well as some scarce burials from other settlements, enabled us to raise the question of Yukhnov funeral rites.

Keywords: Yukhnov Culture, Kiselevka II, funeral rite, Early Iron Age

Information about author:

Dmitry Karavayko (Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Archaeology Institute of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
Е-mail: [email protected]



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