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Stratum plus. 2019. No6

F. V. Shelov-Kovedyaev (Moscow, Russian Federation)

The Ostraka of Asian Bosporus

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Pages: 211-219

The paper publishes four graffiti proving the existence of ostracism in two poleis of Asian Bosporus — Phanagoria (no. 1: Εὔριος, πύγισαι. no. 2: πύγ]ισαι Α–) and Hermonassa (no. 3: Θά[λλ]ον. no. 4: Καλλίης) — in the 2nd quarter of the 5th century BC. In the author’s opinion, this fact demonstrates existence of some serious social problems in these communities, for example, between apoikoi and epoikoi. Criteria are discussed on how to identify sherds as ostraka used for ostracism. Additionally, he describes the history of exploration of the first Athenian ostraka and characterizes the context in which the institute of ostracism emerged in Cimmerian Bosporus.

Keywords: Bosporan Kingdom, 5th century BC,. Phanagoria, Hermonassa, graffiti, ostraka, ostrakophoria, ostracism, owners’ brands, anthroponym (AN), personal name (PN), stasis, apoikoi, epoikoi

Information about author:

Fedor Shelov-Kovedyaev
(Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences
E-mail: [email protected]

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