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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №4

O. K. Savelyev (Odessa, Ukraine)

Rich Late-Sarmatian Burial Ground in the Barrow No. 2 Near Diviziya Village (Problems of Dating)

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Pages: 365-373

The paper considers the materials from the Late-Sarmatian female burial ground in the barrow 2 near the village of Diviziya (Budzhak). It is a reference burial for the initial stage of the Late–Sarmatian culture in the area between the Dnester and the Danube Rivers (female subculture). The chronological markers from the burial ground are being analyzed in details: fibulas, mirror, belt tip. As the result of the analyses it have been concluded that this burial ground, the same as a number of others, refers to the period of 240-270 A.D.
An attempt is also being made to restore the costume based on the ceremony.

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