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L. A. Mosionjnic

Human in Face of Culture

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Human in Face of Culture

Pages: 402

The book is a lively and comprehensible narration of the modern ideas about culture as a holistic phenomenon, about cultural language and text. It can be used as a university textbook of culturology and can be also recommended to everyone interested in modern problems of culture.

Doctor of history I. V. Manzura

Secretary in charge:
Doctor of history R. A. Rabinovici

Reviewed by:
Doctor habilitat of Physics and Mathematics, academician V. I. Borsevici,
Doctor habilitat of history N. D. Russev,
Doctor of historical sciences A. O. Dobrolyubski,
Doctor of historical sciences I. V. Bruyako

Doctor of history L. A. Mosionjnic

D. A. Topal

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Year - 2006
Pages— 402
Format — 135×205 mm
ISBN 9975 - 9504 - 4 - 2