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Journal: « PaleoAnthropology »

« PaleoAnthropology »

Stratum Plus is not the only vehicle for publication of Paleolithic research in the lands of the former Soviet Union (and adjoining areas), but it has become — along with Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia — the primary serial publication for paleoanthropology in northern Eurasia east of the Carpathians... together they provide the most important source of new and current information on Paleolithic research in the latter.

Professor: Leo Klein

Leo Klein

"The archaeological journal you are publishing, right since it first appeared, has become a leading, most important and best archaeological journal on the whole post-Soviet space, having forced back the “Russian Archaeology” edited in Moscow for over half a century, and St.-Petersburg’s “Archaeological News”...".

Journal: « SLAVIC REVIEW »


The general impression one gets on reading the volume is that post-Soviet archaeology is alive and well, developing on the solid foundations of Russian archaeological scholarship. Archaeologists from the former Soviet Union tend to formulate wide-ranging theories, while remaining within the tenets of their cultural and ethnic legacy.

Journal: « CLIO »

« CLIO »

... it offers a cultural stratum, a union of like-minded persons: almost every of the authors comes from St.-Petersburg. Among them are such famous scholars as Vyacheslav Ivanov and widely known professional archaeologists like Leo Klein, Mark Shchukin, D. Machinski, as well as their disciples who founded a center of modern humanitarian education – the High Anthropological School in Kishinev.

Journal: « ANTIQUITY »


It is so important to hear from Eastern Europe and to encourage the development of archaeology there. If Stratum plus maintains the breadth and the energy  so many pages  of its first year, it will become an invaluable point of reference and a stimulus.

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№1-6. 1999, 2010, 2014
№1-6. 1999, 2010, 2014
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